Digital Marketing and SEO Trends In 2019


Digital marketing is evolving at a very fast pace. The revenue of the SERP is on an all time high. And with the constantly evolving technologies, digital businesses and enhanced marketing skills – the market is only getting tougher and tougher. Of course it is sad that digital marketing too gets fierce and competitive with time.

In 2019, the trends of digital marketing are changing in a surprising way. These cut away from what has been followed through years and brings about a big change. Here are some ideas on digital marketing that works in 2019.

The SEO turns into Voice Search

With smart home devices like Alexa and Google home, people have resorted to making their searches through voice search. Almost 50% of the people make constant search through these integrated device. The downside of this is that it doesn’t even take the user to your website. Google reads through the important lines and it’s done. It will take a while for the SEO experts to reach out to rank on voice search metrics.

Frequent change in algorithm

Working on SEO is now going to be a regular activity rather than a onetime thing. SERPs are bringing 12 updates in a year on an average. This means the algorithm shall keep changing and impacting the ways you have promoted your content. There needs to be a constant eye on the changes and optimization of the same for best results.

Using one platform is not enough

For a company to rank higher on the search engines just putting their name on one website isn’t enough. There needs to be greater use of networks, social media channels and other website to guide different kinds of traffic to your website. The presence and optimization through different platforms comes together to make your website a chosen one.

Blogging is not all rosy

There are too many blogs on the web with too much of content. But now the idea has improved from quantity to quality. Google pays attention to consistent blogs that update quality information rather than the ones that are overloaded. Credible platforms get the attention only.

New search engines

People who aren’t ranking on Google try to master on alternatives like Yahoo, Bing etc. And that is one of the smartest moves to make. When you are ranking on some other SERP, the chances to get a lot of audience from both the platforms get easy!

2019 is a tough year for SEO and the competition only gets tougher by the day!

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