Get Familiar with Different Kinds of Packaging to Make an Informed Decision


Packaging boxes are available in two formats – rigid box carton and folding cartons. Rigid boxes have separate top and bottom just like a shoe or T-shirt boxes. Folding cartons are manufactured from single sheet paper, fiber or corrugated boards. It is die-cut and folded as per product requirement to make a tray or box, for example the pizza box.

Packaging boxes are categorised on the basis of their construction and materials used.

Corrugated boxes

Corrugated paperboard is folded to make light sturdy boxes. Different kinds of corrugated boards are available. Double or triple walled boxes make use of multiple corrugated boards for shipping heavy items. For full color graphic printing these boxes are laminated.

Paperboard cartons

Rich colored and printed custom boxes you see in the shelves of retail stores are designed from paper board. It is commonly used for packaging toys, electronics, cosmetics, stationary, pharmaceutical, liquor, cigarette and more. For added water resistant and strength paperboard packaging can be laminated easily with plastic.

Egg cartons

Whole eggs can be transported safely in these egg boxes or egg cartons. These are eco-friendly as they are designed from molded pulp or recycled paper. They have dimples within, where eggs get stored securely. Some business even order egg cartons designed from polystyrene foam or clear plastic.


Aseptic carton

Multi-layered containers used for storing liquid like soups, juices, desserts, and baby foods are called aseptic cartons. Besides increasing products shelf life, it also preserves their texture, color and nutritional value. Aseptic carton can handle high temperature and never corrodes even if it contains acidic products. Layers are designed from paperboard, aluminum barrier, polyethylene, and multiple plastic layers, which are attached using adhesives or heat.

Gable top

These are modified form of aseptic carton including a plastic cap on top. These are easily reusable to refrigerate food products. Juice and milk can be stored, refrigerated and poured in a glass whenever needed.

Choose right packaging carton

The perfect type of carton to select will depend on the needs of your business.

·         If you ship heavy items then go for corrugated boxes

·         For small things paperboard boxes work better [customize these and use as marketing tool]

·         Aseptic and gable top are the only solution for packing liquids.

Packaging industry has also evolved overtime. You can find solution suitable for different budgets. Customized packaging strengthens brand presence through widening the radius of exposure ranging from delivery person to your client to people watching it through the shipping process.

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