stainless steel tube roughness


Stainless Steel Tube has a roughness by manufacture. The roughness means the alternating surface features. The deviation in the surface area is calculated by special instruments and the roughness average is calculated. The roughness average or the RA is an important feature which determines in some applications where a particular grade of steel could be used or not.

Stainless Steel Tube is made up of different compositions. Depending on the grade and standard, the material composition differs. Some of them contain alloy materials in high quantities where others don’t. Some of them are highly temperature and pressure resistance and others are mild. Almost all of the stainless steels have some degree of corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance. The making of the steel involves either hot rolling or cold drawing procedures. The cold drawn ones are known as the seamless stainless steel tube. The seamless ones have the advantage of having less roughness average. Since the pipe is drawn in the process, it does not have much difference on the surface. The welded ones on the other hand tend to have much roughness.

The roughness is concerned in applications where the undulating surface is a problem. In applications like chemical industries, some precision dimensions are calculated for a few sensitive reactions. If the pipe used cannot have uniform surface throughout, it might cause a problem in the reaction. One of the precise steel tubing is the 316 type. The  ss 316 tube is sold for competitive prices and it is used in such conditions where precision is needed.

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