4 Reasons Why Polyester Strapping is Better than Steel


You should be familiar with strapping if your workplace consists of heavy or light duty packing of goods or other large items of delivery. Strapping is basically an efficient evolution of ropes that were used many years ago to conceal the goods for transportation. As technology advanced, we replaced ropes with a more efficient and reliable way to contain the goods called strapping. The earlier days of strapping technology introduced steel strapping for heavy duty work. Although steel strapping is still used nowadays around the world but it is slowly being replaced by better alternatives.

Polyester strapping is probably the best alternative to the old fashioned steel strapping. It is better in almost every single way and is on the path to completely replace the more expensive and unsafe steel.

Shippers Europe is a manufacturing company that produces the best polyester strapping.

Here are 4 big reasons why polyester strapping is better than steel:

Durability & Performance

Polyester strapping is as strong as steel strapping. It is applicable for both the light duty strapping and as well as heavy duty strapping.

Polyester strapping is also better than steel in many accounts such as:

  • It can retain high tension for a much longer period of time than steel
  • It keep the load safe and secure even in the roughest conditions
  • It is water resistant and as well as rust resistant
  • It doesn’t break and absorbs shocks
  • It can be re-tensioned multiple times without losing its shape


When it comes to safety, polyester strapping is miles ahead of steel. Steel strapping is the most dangerous strapping method if not performed carefully. First of all it requires special tools that cannot be operated directly by hand. And you need to wear safety gear when strapping to protect yourself from sharp edge of the strap. There have been many reported incidents regarding injuries while doing steel strapping in the industries.

Polyester strapping on the other hand is safe and secure and can also be performed directly by handheld tools. It has dull edges which mean you don’t require special safety equipment to handle it.

Environmental Friendly

The impact on environment of polyester is also much lower as compared to steel. It is easier and cheaper to recycle and produces significantly lesser waste.

Polyester is also lighter than steel despite being as strong. This lightness is a huge advantage as it reduces the overall weight of the load which saves time and fuel for the transportation.

Cost Saving

One of the most important reasons that prove that polyester strapping is better than steel strapping is that saves you a lot of money.

  • It is estimated that if you replace steel with polyester you will reduce the cost of your operation up to 25%.
  • It also reduces fuel cost for transportation as it is much lighter than steel so the overall weight of the freight is reduced.
  • It saves time as the operators can strap much more quickly than steel, hence more productivity

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