Online Lottery: 12 Insanely Fun Games You Can Play Today


Online lotteries are a great way to have fun and winning money in the process. With so many websites offering online lotteries nowadays, you can find games that suit your taste. We prefer playing scratch-off tickets and picking our numbers rather than just buying a ticket with numbers assigned to it.

5 insanely fun Lottery games that you can play today:

  1. Scratch Off Lottery Games. Several online sites offer scratch-off lotteries. You purchase the tickets with numbers assigned to them, and then you can play these games for free over and over again until you get your prize!
  1. Pigeon Lotto Games – These are probably our favorite interactive games on any platform we’ve found yet! The interface looks like a typical lottery machine where you buy one ticket and hope for the best. The difference with these is that you can play as many times as you want, and your odds of winning are much higher because there are so many numbers available to choose from!
  1. Lottery Simulators – These games let you pick which lottery game, how large a jackpot would be good (e.g., $100 million), what percentage chance of being picked should happen if it’s too high, then adjust this value until they reach their desired number before playing!
  1. Classic Lotto Games – This type of game works similarly to Pigeon Lotto Games. You buy a ticket and hope for the best, but this time there are only six numbers to choose from so you don’t get as many chances to win!
  1. Lottery Syndicates – The basic premise behind lotteries has always been sharing your luck with other people: if someone else wins, you’ll also share in their prize money (or at least part of it).

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