Chipboards or Corrugated Boards – Which one?


In any form of business, most of the people focus only on the product inside the boxes that they often don’t pay much attention to the type of box used for packing it. There are several types available in the market these days. For example, chipboard boxes, corrugated boxes are two different kinds widely used today.

When it comes to packaging, you usually focus only on the design that we forget to choose the right kind of box that suits the business type. Besides, choosing the right type of box determines the image that you print on the outside. Box manufacturer usually goes through a lot to design the boxes in different ways to help you choose the right one for your business.


Let’s read few listed points by which you can get an idea about the difference between corrugated and chipboard boxes. Such as –

Corrugated boxes

If people think of terms like ‘’cardboard box’’, they often visualize corrugated boxes. For example, the box you are imagining fluted, fan looking similar like folds pressed in the middle of the two layered cardboard, then that might be a new surprise, it’s a corrugated box at your feet. On top of that, you have also gained knowledge regarding a new industrial term.

Most of the time, corrugated boxes come into work to ship larger kind of shipment or items which are fragile and need extra protection.

Chipboard boxes

If you are clear by the definition of corrugated boxes, you might be wondering what exactly a chipboard box is. Chipboard is constructed from a paper which is recycled and has been layered, pressed to make it thicker and sturdy.

Chipboard is used for several purposes such as cutting projects, scrapbooking materials like decorated pages and envelops. On a similar note, chipboards are used to wrap and protect items which are awkwardly shaped or are fragile for use. It is believed that chipboards are usually cheaper in cost as that of corrugated boxes. It usually occupies a lot less space as well as weigh less other than corrugated spaces. Besides, chipboards can be recycled and hence environmentally friendly.

Apart from this, they both can be designed, customized and also blend into the need which might differ from business to business. Besides, they both provide possible support and integrity to the users and also have been extremely durable in its use.

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