Classification of hazardous area lighting


Depending upon the presence of combustible gases, vapors and dust, the hazardous areas are classified as Zone-1 and Zone-2. The locations in which flammable gases or vapors are present in the air in quantities sufficient to produce explosive or ignitable mixtures are categorized as Zone-I locations. Whereas in Zone-2 locations, combustible dust, rather than gases or liquids, may be present in varying hazardous concentrations.

At  Supermec,  we make high quality Fluorescent Linear, LED Linear light fittings and floodlights that are installed in Zone-I while our LFN -P series fluorescent, LLN -P series LED tube light fittings are ideal for Zone-2 for hazardous area lighting in chemical and petrochemical plants, off-shore platforms, refineries and other industries.

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