Destroying the Myths About Bulk Offset Printing


Everyone knows that with regards to bulk printing, while using offset printing technique is the apparent choice. The newspaper publishers, it publishers as well as the advertising professionals realize that with regards to printing considerable amounts of materials, nothing can beat offset.

However, there are specific claims relating to this printing procedure that puts off lots of people. These myths can certainly deter one from understanding the full advantage this printing method affords many more. And thus, to be able to lift the veil off offset printing, here are the more prevalent myths and also the real facts in it:

Myth 1:Offset printing is cheap because the caliber of paper suffers

This myth is stipulated with a rationale that nothing cheap comprises for good quality. If it’s cheap, it is usually assumed the product should have gone through crude process or cheap materials too. In offset printing that isn’t the situation. Actually, offset printing consistently high quality prints.

-A primary reason why offset is extremely cheap happens because most offset printers make use of a technique known as gang run printing. Gang run printing is really a printing process where several designs are integrated and placed on one plate, which consequently are printed on one sheet. This process helps decreasing the production cost since a couple of teams of plates are necessary to print multiple designs all simultaneously.

-Also, within this process, the plates are not equipped in direct connection with the paper. This enables the plates to possess a longer shelf existence. Since you don’t need to create new plates and you may make use of the plates over and over, the greater you print implies that the cost per piece for the order is going to be significantly lower.

Myth 2:Digital printing produces more appeal prints than offset printing

Try folding or crumpling an image that’s been digitally printed and you will see that a few of the ink will remove in the paper. Now try exactly the same factor having a picture printed using offset. Did a lot of it remove as with the digitally printed one?

-In digital printing, a lot of it is sprayed on the top from the paper, adding several colors til you have the specific hue that you would like. The issue with this particular method would be that the bond between your paper and ink isn’t strong. That’s the reason a lot of it easily chips removed from the image that you simply crumpled.

-Offset, however, produces colors which are more vivid. The prints’ images are created through rollers that apparently “stamp” the colours in position, one layer to another. This sits well along the top of paper, without saturating it.

-Exactly the same described process works well for constantly producing quality images over and over. You don’t have to fret that a number of your prints are less colorful than the others. All images created retain such consistency and sharpness, in color and backbone.

Myth 3: Digital printing is quicker than offset printing

This misconception comes from because you have to produce plates before printing in offset unlike digital printing where one can print directly.

While plating may be involved, technologies have already given offset printing companies the opportunity to overcome what must have been a lengthy process. Offset rivals digital printing with short turnaround time which can be as little as overnight for small prints like business card printing or one day. Plus, offset is built to accommodate considerable amounts of print so that you can possess the prints you’ll need when you wish them.

The amount of removals for an offset printing Singapore company should be one thing that you are not familiar to, for example, a specific print shop, for its printing services, for cheap, however, if the print shop is too far, your ordering price Can cancel any possible savings.

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