How to Use Bookmarks for Marketing


Book lovers and readers like to remember where they left in their book reading. And many of them like to mark and remember it with style instead of folding or marking pages. Thus, they would love to have custom-made bookmarks like silver bookmarks that they can use for a long time.

Custom bookmarks are perfect for schools, libraries, reading clubs, and publishing businesses looking for promotional items. They can be an effective way to convey your message. They can provide businesses with more creative, inspiring, and deeper visuals. As long as you have the right targeting strategies, you can use bookmarks to bring your business in front of your target audience. Below are some ideas that you can use them in your marketing strategy:

For Online Promotions and Networking

Beautifully branded bookmarks can surely make an impact on your recipients. They can showcase your organisation’s contact details, logo, special offers, or message. With bookmarks, you can always add a cute meme, a funny quote, or some words of wisdom to make them more inspiring and attractive.

To Promote Organisational Drives

Each organisation that has to do with books must choose personalised bookmarks. Bookstores, churches, and libraries will usually have smaller marketing budgets and thus, bookmarks can be the best marketing solution for them. Bookmarks can be customised for special events such as book launches, food drives, or fundraisers that a bookstore, church or library will host.

For Schools

Schools can order customised bookmarks to present to well-performing students. Also, customised bookmarks can be used to print and distribute important dates and events for the academic years. Schools can include emergency contact information or timetable slots.

For Writers

Writers who produce recipe or self-help books or even academic textbooks can include personalised books into their marketing strategy. They can include their quotes or a photo of themselves into the bookmark they want to give as a freebie to their books. For this purpose, it often makes sense to ensure the bookmark’s design complements the design of the book for a greater impact.

Usually, companies that supply custom bookmarks also offer printing services. If you want to use their services, consider printing a standard size or two on a variety of sturdy metal stocks for your bookmarks. Also, you can use optional rounded corners or high gloss UV coating and full-printed colours on both sides of the bookmarks. The best thing about these items is that you have many options in terms of styles, colours, and designs.

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