LinkedIn Sales – How to Maximize Your Presence


A large number of paid ads platforms are providing services for both B2B businesses and B2C businesses. As it is difficult to invest on every digital platform to boost up your business awareness and lead generation, it is too essential for you to understand which platform is better for you to invest in terms of cost per click, conversion rate, lead quality through scoring and sales potential, ultimately.

And yes, it confuses everyone in marketing when it comes to knowing which of the many available, is the best platform for the purpose of advertisement for your business.

If you are perplexed even after searching a lot of digital stands and about their working, then choose LinkedIn for your B2B business as it is one of the most relevant and optimum platforms for the advertisement of your product or service and to reach the right audience.

Due to the nature of LinkedIn, which has grown so substantially in the last few years, it is a real hub for engagement, networking, developing business relationships, creating awareness, prospecting and building strategic partnerships. Some of its unique features, which helps businesses to gather a solid momentum digitally are mentioned below.

  1. Sponsored Content

Linked provide this particular facility to advertise your B2B business more effectively as it helps immensely to quicken up the buying cycle. You can choose who should read your content. You can choose by someone’s years of experience, the type of industry, or the location of the user.

  1. Sponsored InMail

As LinkedIn claims to be a B2B lead generator, you can use it to send personalized messages to the targeted audience. Via this InMail service, you maximize your presence immensely as your ‘ad come message’ is directly sent via LinkedIn messenger.

Another useful feature of this service is that such messages are sent only when the targeted audience is active on this platform. In this way, your business gets more visibility. You have to pay for this service only when the message is delivered to the targeted audience.

  1. Use Advanced Search

By using this option, you can choose the audience which is directly linked with you or you may have some groups in common. You can also filter your search on the basis of profile language to target a specific area or businesses. Group search is highly relevant for this purpose as you target the right audience on the basis of their interest or for what they are looking.

  1. Text Ads

If you are already using any other digital platform such as Google AdWords, you can understand the functionality of this platform quite easily. It works on the basis of ‘Pay per Click.’ Text ads on LinkedIn help to build customized ads for the specific audience. As you can choose the PPC option to use this service, you can select the budget for this service. Moreover, you can use the CPM pricing strategy too.

  1. Lead Recommendations

LinkedIn provides this service to discover your targeted accounts swiftly. It also provides custom suggestions to choose targeted audience tactfully.

As it is the number one digital platform for the B2B lead generation, using it tactfully can increase your sales prospects. This platform is specifically devised for business solutions, so by using it accurately, you definitely can get more sales. Businesses are already looking for the solutions, choose your digital marketers wisely to get the most out of LinkedIn. Pay wisely. Use wisely. Get profited.

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