Peter Loftin – The way he works and his countless business achievements


Peter Loftin, the business tycoon is considered as an exception in the world having fabulous business skills. His life is an interesting and inspiring journey to learn from. This self-made man has left his mark in the Telecommunication industry and his success story is well known to everyone. To become like Peter Loftin is every businessman’s dream which is easier said than done and the degree of convenience is really high.

To be like Peter Loftin, the concept is very clear; honesty, clarity and hard work. Here, we will be describing few important things which Peter Loftin believes to work with:

  • Utilize your capabilities


Capabilities always play a major role for being successful in life. Make an order of; where you want to be and try to make yourself better for it. Always remember that the world is an unforgiving place and if you do not improve, you would get left far behind.

  • Honesty is the best policy that we all know

You need to be true if you want to be successful in life, no matter how hard it is. You should be able to assess yourself perfectly. Remember, the people that never achieve success in their lives are the ones that are never honest with themselves.

  • Be open-minded and assertive

Never hesitate for being clear, it will let you in peace of mind to do more and more. Be clear as it is clarity that will allow you to keep your senses working at all the times and be on the lookout for opportunities.

Loftin’s career achievement are an open book to learn from. We have listed few of his fascinating career achievements below. He made a lot of contributions to the development of United States by founding many organisations and opening up various career institutes.

  1. In the city of North Carolina, Peter Loftin set up Business Telecom Inc. also called BTI which is his most noticeable work. The company is considered as the topmost telecommunication companies and has also been the successful private company which provide employment to number of people every year. For this, he has earned prolific reward of the best entrepreneur due to high-class turnovers.
  1. Peter Loftin also founded whisky distillery, recently in the year 2016. It is the newest and the largest distillery in the country of United States. The name of the distillery is Bardstown Bourbon which is also called BBCo. It has been planned to enlarge the business for its ultimate growth.
  1. Loftin bought Casa Casuarina in the year 2000 as he is a great fan of art and is quite involved in it. Today, Casuarina is considered as the part of the Club business and the boutique hotels. Furthermore, he has planned to build more hotels and restaurants which might be serving number of people.

Thus we can say, that Peter Loftin’s entrepreneurship, credentials and contribution to the society cannot be just explained here totally. There is a hope that this man will continue to inspire us with his unremarkable work in future as well.

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