The Actual Story Behind Independent Internet Consultants


So you’ve twenty years of engineering and business management experience beneath your belt. It’s logical that you may have an amount of tacit understanding a lot of companies covers.

Within the years following a Us dot COM meltdown I recall encountering many consultants. Guys we’d labored with for several years, and understood the telecommunications business cold. Everyone thought once the Us dot COM meltdown happened, this option would do great using their new consulting careers. I am talking about, with this quantity of experience youthful companies ought to be tossing money at this option with the experience.

Inside a recent publish on the cloud-computing subscriber list, a classic timer in the telecom days accepted that for him “becoming an independent consultant means comparable factor as “being unemployed.”

That’s impossible. That old guys are essential, and youthful companies cannot survive without their experience and leadership. Right?

Or perhaps is additionally, it entirely possible that technologies are altering so quick at this time, that they like that old telecom guys who could quote the entire process of figuring out minutes ratios, settlement, allocators, and all sorts of individuals other tremendously complicated telecom negotiations just fell through the side as really smart more youthful guys who have been tremendously Internet-savvy blew past them?

Yup – that’s virtually what went down.

In the last couple of years the joke was “you can’t swing a defunct cat over your mind in downtown LA without whacking discovered a duffel bag telecom engineer.” Guys which are battling every single day trying to puzzle out how you can squeeze minutes from Internet phones. Guys who are attempting to grasp the thought of losing everything they understood and labored for within the good past of Nortel DMS 250/300s and also at&T 4E/5ESS telephone gateway switches.

You know what… it is occurring again. The present economic meltdown, and big unemployment figures are striking the telecom industry. Plenty of recently established independent consulting companies in the pub, established with around 200 dollars along with a do-it-yourself LLC incorporation website. That old guys are attempting anxiously to throw together snappy websites with fundamental static HTML pages that debate remarkable ability to supply “effective solutions” to “all of your small business.”

It’s almost painful to determine. Yet still time energetic youthful serial entrepreneurs strongly hammer away in the emerging cloud-computing industry, entertainment and content delivery industries, social networking sites, and Internet providers. Ooops, well most likely the guys running the ISPs should start searching at going for a couple extra courses on cloud-computing in their local technical schools, because the ISP business can also be supplying us with a brand new community of consultants during economic difficulties…

There’s an excuse for consultants. Developing countries still don’t have the fundamental understanding and skills required to bring their country infrastructures as much as a minimum of “entry-level” global speed. Smaller sized cities in america and Canada continue to be under offered by telecom/Internet services, and native adoption of Internet-enabled services in to the business and native communities.

LA doesn’t need consultants. New You are able to, Northern Virginia, the San Francisco Bay Area – all individuals places have passed the late stage worker generation, and left them behind inside a heap of wandering consultants. Consultants who have been CTOs, CEOs, VPs, …KEY MOUSEs.

The elderly (individuals people past 35) have to stop, breathe, and assess where we’re with this industries and professional communities. We are able to either go for the following generation of technology with reckless abandon (cloud-computing….), or eventually find our method to the telecom “fossil” bar to speak about the good past and whine concerning the indignity in our unique circumstances.

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