The Benefits of a Modern Translation Service


Our communities are becoming ever more multicultural, and this means that many more people nowadays are speaking English as a second language. Indeed, many people speak very little English, or none at all. This has a significant impact on businesses as they seek ways to bridge this language barrier and provide services to more diverse communities. Unfortunately, up until very recently, the only translation services available have been government subsidised. They have been slow to adapt and restrictive in their vision for change.

A New Type of Rapid Translation Service

Companies such as Ezispeak represent a new kind of translation service that is adaptable, rapid, and able to provide services that are customer-ready. The benefits to businesses are as follows:

  • Speed: Modern translation services are fast. This means that your customer or client will never be left standing around waiting to be understood by your staff. Rapidity of service really is key to this sort of service and provides a turnkey translation service for businesses who need to provide services to a diverse cultural customer base.
  • Languages: How would your business cope with a customer who spoke a language that was not common? Modern translation services can source interpreters for all major languages as well as a wide range of languages that are not common or which are local dialects.

The one critical element of modern translation services is that they offer phone interpreters on demand and as needed. As a business or service, this means that you can call the service directly and request an interpreter. Video translation is also possible and makes a lot of sense for situations where face-to-face contact may be more comfortable.

Can you just imagine a person going to the emergency department and not being able to communicate to the staff in English? The problem here is that someone may have a potential life or death situation and be unable to communicate their needs and their symptoms. In this case, rapid translation services are an absolute must!

The Benefits to Your Customers and Clients

The truth is that it is becoming more and more common for people who are not comfortable speaking English to utilise English-speaking services and businesses. The cost to your business could be significant if you turn these people away because you fail to understand their needs and fail to be able to communicate with them. Indeed, good communication is at the very heart of all successful businesses and public services, so you owe it to your customers and community to offer rapid translation services.

As our communities grow more multicultural and immigration continues to increase at its current pace, all services will need to adapt to these changes. Language is what allows us to communicate, and if we don’t understand the language that someone is speaking, we cannot identify with them of provide them the services they need. A modern translation and interpretation service can provide rapid services to a wide range of customers and help businesses continue to develop and grow.

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