What Criteria should you have for Lead Scoring?


A marketer would understand that nearly 10% of increased lead quality equals 40% of sales productivity increase. You would be required to focus on the increasing quality of your leads over various kinds of prospects that you come across. You should rest assured that lead scoring has been imperative for your SEO needs. When you score leads, you could separate the ones that are not likely or willing to purchase. Rather, you could focus on the ones that would be worth your time and effort. There would be Different Lead Scoring Models you would need to make the most of for your lead scoring needs.

You would have a decent idea about what you would be searching for in a potential lead. The criteria would be inclusive of essential points that may be necessary for differentiating the right from the useless leads. When you sort out the essential ones, you would be required to give a higher value to those leads. Lead scoring would entail the need to begin identifying the specific traits of the ideal lead for your service or product. They would be assigning values to those traits. If you were running a B2B campaign, the criteria would be inclusive of the size of the company, job size, job title, number of employees, annual revenue, and a particular industry.

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