7 Tips For Better Direct Mail Marketing In 2018!


There are a few basics of direct mail marketing or direct marketing, that never change. However, with digital marketing coming to the forte, it is more than important to review your campaign periodically to get the right results.

In this post, we have listed 7 tips for better direct marketing.

  • Do you need a new agency? If you feel that your campaign is lacking the power that’s required for better conversion, it is wise to hire a new agency. Check for options like https://www.uspresort.com/ that have credible reputation in the global market.


  • Focus on content. Many brands are still trying to sell products and services with contents and materials filled with errors. Do not oversell – Your content should be relevant, engaging and must have a ‘call to action’. Not to forget, avoid all possible typos and factual goof ups.
  • Check if your website needs an update. While you are sending direct mails religiously to targeted clients without fail, they are probably looking for details online. You cannot afford to have a substandard website anymore, keeping the digitization in mind.
  • Add IP targeting in the mix. A lot of marketing experts believe that direct mail advertising can work better when coupled with IP targeting. The latter focuses on digital banner ads, which creates a better impact.
  • Improve your approach. No one wants to get ads in their mail every day. Yes, you need to promote products and push sales, but once in a while, try and understand what your audiences want. You would be able to deliver something more than just ads, which might add more value to your brand.
  • Discuss more with your agency. You might have great experience with direct mails, but the agency handling the work for your company always knows more. They deal with different projects on a regular basis, and as required, they can bring new ideas to the table.


  • Focus on the basics. A direct mail includes three important things. The first is an offer, which has to be lucrative enough. Secondly, you need to offer enough details and info, so that the person can accept the same. The third is to initiate a call of action, which will push the customer to respond. You have to ensure that the contents of your brochure or postcard has all of these.

Check with a known agency now and find more on whether you need a change in your strategy.

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