What are the Ways of Using Video Content Marketing for Businesses?


Content helps in improving the SEO of your website and search engine ranking. It enhances the audience engagement and fills, nurtures and converts the leads which help in skyrocketing your sales. Video helps in boosting the conversions and sales, establishes trust, appeals to the mobile users, and engages the most diverted buyer. Combining the two will make the perfect combination. Video marketing is an effective way to build content or reuse your current content that can impact your audience significantly. Smart marketers know how to integrate both of them and use them wisely. This article will enlighten you about using the video to produce content for your business.

  1. Videos should always be around the story, not the sales.

You must be aware of the fact that emotions drive sales. When it is done in a correct way, it will happen with ease and by natural means. As a marketer, you should always focus on adding more value to the customers. A video should always be about the customers. It should always be based on what they want, what their problems are, and getting what they desire. How the problem makes them feel. Use this very advantage for you and how you can help them overcome that challenge. The entire narrative should be about them.

  1. Design your video to stimulate their RAS filter

Effective video marketing should always be engaging in the first place. You should be able to you’re your audience within the first 5 to 10 minutes. Those seconds will either grasp their attention or simply repel it. We are now living in a world with very short attention spans. The RAS or Reticular Activating Systems in our brains help in filtering out what is important for us and gets rid of the useless content. Our brains tend to respond to novelty, name, emotion, contrast and the factors affecting our choices about ourselves. Ipermedia is an award winning video production company that helps in creating videos to appeal to the customers to those things in the opening seconds to grab the attention of your audience. There are four techniques used by visual narrative to stimulate the RAS factor in the brains:

  1. Communicate why you want your viewer to watch
  2. inspire emotion
  3. create contrast
  4. be creative and unique

Your video content should be able to align with the interests and needs of your audience. If it does, their attention span is the least of your concern. They will pay attention if the content is relatable to them. Put yourself in their boots and execute. It is all about value proposition.

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